I collaborate with organizations to analyze and improve corporate communications and stakeholder outreach. I help to diagnose the communications challenges and opportunities you are facing, whether it relates to staking out positions, advocating for change, developing key messages, managing reputation, or a host of other communications issues.

Based on my experience in different parts of the world I offer guidance on strategy as well as assistance with implementation to achieve reach and impact. The aim is to produce measurable communications results that move your organization forward in alignment with its overall mission and strategy.

I can produce an independent audit of your communications activities. Subsequently, I can help you to develop a communications strategy that will respond to your needs as well as the expectations of your clients, either internal or external. Furthermore, I can follow up by assisting in implementation itself (writing, editing, video production, media outreach, social media, etc.) or in capacity building (training your communications staff to work faster, smarter, better)


Overall, I can deliver to your organization:


Ideas on how to position your organization in a competitive world where communications perception is often business reality. Strategic plans help you to chart your communications course and prepare for the unexpected.


Ideas on how to implement your communications strategy to its fullest effectiveness. Whether it is through event planning, social media, stakeholder outreach, or other channels to reach and engage with your intended audiences, actions must be targeted and robust.


Ideas on how to measure the strength, reach, and results of your communications activities. More than ever, with budgets under pressure, you need to demonstrate that communications is actively contributing to the benefit of your organization.