About Morier Communications

Roger Morier

Morier Communications is (for now) a one-person strategic communications consulting firm.

A Canadian national, I’ve lived and worked in Vancouver, Toronto, Paris, and Washington. Initially, I was a journalist, correspondent, and/or producer for network radio and television. I then worked as a senior communications officer, managing editor, and adviser in large multinational organizations, both public and private. Toronto is now my base, from where I serve as a consultant to organizations and their staff in different parts of the world, helping them to grow or sharpen their corporate communications activities.

With my experience and capabilities, I can bring to your organization an impartial view of how you are perceived by the audiences you engage with. With that, I will provide suggestions on how to improve that engagement. My over-riding philosophy is that good corporate communications strategies and actions don’t need to be excessively complicated or expensive. They should, though, follow some basic rules of communications common sense which I’ve learned over the course of my career. I call these the “7 C’s” of communication, and I’d be happy to meet with you to outline how they might apply to your particular situation.

I work with a network of freelance communications professionals, from web designers to graphic artists to specialist writers to media training specialists. Depending on your needs and capacity, we can form a “virtual” team of experts to help your organization reach its communications goals – and more.